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Purpose of administrative process

To manage job application/s process when applying for position of ULL Research Staff responsible for research projects at the Universidad de La Laguna.


The general terms and conditions of the recruitment process together with a list of job requisites is established for each job offer. If you wish to consult these terms and conditions, please click on the following link.

Intended audience

- Any person meeting all those requirements stipulated in the offer.

Decision-making Unit

Research Management Service.

Sanctioning body

Vice-Rectorate of Research.

Applicable legislation

• General legislation.
• Specific:
- Law 14/2011 of 1 June on Science, Technology and Innovation.
- Law 53/1984 on Incompatibilities of Personnel at the Service of the Public Administrations.
- Law 14/2013 of 27 September on Supporting Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization.
- Royal Legislative Decree 2/2015 of 23 October, approving the consolidated text of the Workers’ Statute.
- Collective Agreement of teaching staff and researchers of the Canary Islands’ Public Universities (Art. 12).
- Decree 89/2004 of 6 July, approving the Universidad de La Laguna Statutes.
- Regulation governing the recruitment of personnel responsible for research projects and/or research agreements at the Universidad de La Laguna.
- Call corresponding to the respective job offer.

Resolution deadline

4 months from application deadline.

Effects of administrative silence

Application unsuccessful.

Administrative Procedure Reference No


Information on Administrative Procedure

Submission method

- Via MyAdmin.

Submission dates

For all job offers, candidates have 10 working days to submit their application from the day following publication of the job position in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands.

Required documentation:

- Application Form.
Selection process:
- A digital copy of your DNI, passport, NIE, or any other valid identity document bearing the holder’s nationality.
- A digital copy of the academic qualification stipulated in the job offer, or temporary substitute certificate in its absence.
- A digital copy your Curriculum Vitae.
- A digital copy of supporting documents that accredit the merits details in your curriculum vitae.
- A sworn declaration in which you declare that any photocopies submitted are faithful copies of the original documents.
- A digital copy of proof of payment (bank payment slip) showing that you have paid the Universidad de La Laguna the corresponding application fee.
Formalizing the contract:
- A sworn statement declaring that you have not been dismissed from any public sector agency as a result of disciplinary measures and that you have not been disqualified from holding any public office following legal ruling. Non-Spanish candidates must present a sworn statement declaring that no disciplinary actions or have been taken against them and that they do not hold any criminal convictions that would prevent them access to public sector employment in their home country (Annex I).
- A digital copy of your medical certificate showing fitness for work, which certifies you are free of any illness, or physical or mental disability, that would prevent you from performing the duties listed as part of your job requirements. *The original medical certificate must be presented at the time of signing the contract.
- A sworn statement declaring that you are not affected by any of the rules on disqualifications or incompatibilities (Annex II).
- Personal data document (Annex III).
- Communicating data to payer (Model 145).
- Social Security registration form certifying affiliation.
- Homologation or certificate of equivalence for any academic qualification awarded by a foreign institution.

Fee prepayment required

Yes (please consult terms and conditions of each job offer).

Personal Data Protection

By submitting an administrative process application you expressly agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy of the Universidad de La Laguna.

Contact details

Office of Human Resources Management for RD&I Programs. Telephone: 922 31 52 89, 922 31 52 90. Electronic mail: